Sunday, July 07, 2013

maze quilt

my new toothbrush holder says hi.

toothbrush holder says hi

I finished the baby quilt that I have been working on for months.  I mean, staring at on the floor of my sewing room for months.

maze quilt

I had the idea of a maze quilt months ago.  I bought graph paper, drew a maze, then realized it wouldn't fit the fabric I wanted to use for the back.  so I started over, drew a new maze, which was kind of tricky because I had an odd number of blocks on one dimension and an even number on the other, so I had several maze fails to get one to fit the size.

I just did a row by row construction.  it was trickier to line up than I thought, or maybe just less forgiving than I hoped, so it is not as tidy as I would have liked.

maze quilt, close up

I just quilted it with horizontal lines of quilting.  I was going to do a polka dot binding but didn't like the look, so I ended up just using the blue of the quilt.  it was a risky play - I had none of the fabric left over - not even an inch of binding to trim off.

here's the backing fabric.  a nerd fabric because it is for the son of one of my Ph.D students.  check out the unsquareness of it and the sorry strip of blue I had to tack on when all of my measurements failed me and the top was too big for the backing.

back of maze quilt

I think it turned out fine, but it wasn't that fun to make.  I think I might convert my sewing room back into an office for a while.


Momoo said...

Don't change the sewing room into an office....the quilt is very cute. Both sides educational too! I had a lot of trouble with my circuit board table runner...must be a trick to making that style quilt we haven't heard of. Nice job :)

Susan Evans said...

I think square quilts are highly overrated! I love your idea of a maze quilt. The recipient will have great fun using it with cars and animal friends and will not care if it is square.

MK said...

You’ve been super productive!!!

macdaddy said...

My mother made a quilt with the same backing fabric and all the little babies have laid on it and loved it.